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Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012

Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012 merupakan salah satu aplikasi backup yang cukup mumpuni dalam urusan Backup & Recovery, software ini tersedia kalian download secara gratis.

Paragon Backup sejumlah opsi yang dapat kalian gunakan untuk membackup komputer kalian, antara lain seperti berukut:
Complete Backup – Create an exact copy of your PC including the operating system, applications, user settings and all data
Differential Backup – backup only changed data
Backup Scheduler - plan your regular backup
Backup Capsule - you can place a backup image to a special secured place on the hard disk called the Backup Capsule and get additional level of security to all archives which it contains 
Any backup destination – including external storages, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, network as well as the secured hidden partition (Backup Capsule)
Automatic data exclusion – automate the process of building up contents of the future backup image, by excluding irrelevant data such as movies, music, etc.
Dan fitur Restore yang dimiliki oleh Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012 Free Version
Complete Restore – restore your computer to an earlier state without losing data and reinstalling and reconfiguring your programs 
Restore an entire disk, separate partitions or only files you need from the previously created backup image
Restore with Shrink to restore a backup image to a free block of smaller size taking into account only the amount of actual data of the image
Create a bootable USB Flash drive – recover your PC on demand 
Linux/DOS bootable recovery environments - Our Disk Imaging and Professional Recovery applications are used by millions of satisfied customers worldwide
Untuk menggunakan software ini, masih perlu aktivasi menggunakan serial number, namun akan akan kalian dapatkan saat melakukan registrasi waktus instalasi
Download: Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012

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